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Learning Format

Offline. The program takes 2 months. Training sessions are 4 hours long and take place 3 times a week at our office. Language of study: English.

NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training.


  • What QA engineers are, their goals in projects, and what they’re able to do
  • To identify the peculiarities of testing web, desktop, and mobile applications
  • To break up a software product into functional parts
  • To create checklists and test cases
  • To navigate databases well
  • To carry out simple load testing


The course program is made up of 12 modules and covers the following topics:

  • SDLC and software development methodologies
  • Objectives and principles of software testing
  • Types of software testing
  • Development requirements and how QA engineers deal with them
  • Test documentation: creation and maintenance
  • Specifics of testing mobile, web, and desktop applications
  • Basics of web application structure, etc.

Practical work will be arranged in the form of workshops. The training sessions will provide opportunities for mastering Jira, TestRail, Fiddler, and Jmetter. The final week of training is focused on creating a demo project. Students will follow the classic QA engineer’s path, from creating a work plan to reporting test results.

What we expect from you

  • English at intermediate or advanced level
  • The will and intention to study, evaluate, and delve into up-to-date technologies.

Learning system details

The training program is divided into modules. Each module includes a theory and a practical task. Supervised by an experienced mentor, each student will be able to identify and correct mistakes and find the right solution. Thus, a future tester will acquire the practical skills necessary for managing a real project.

What to do next
Celebrate the successful completion of the courses and establish yourself in the proud title of Junior QA by becoming part of the NIX team.

But to begin with, join the study