Create a web service in Java!
June 4, 5:00 PM
Event Duration – 3h


About the Workshop

You’ll learn Java to the fullest. It will be a mix of basic theory for an easy start, live coding, and a lot of fun with Java enthusiasts.

You’ll learn how web services work and how to create them in Java.


Finally, you’ll have a chance to communicate with like-minded people and NIX experts—experienced Java developers. Build your networking—it’s essential in IT.

What Awaits You?

  • New knowledge about Java
  • Live coding from experienced Java developers
  • Practical tasks with different levels of complexity
  • Tips for your career in IT
  • Getting to know the international IT team

It’s for you if you:

  • Want to progress as a Java developer
  • Have a basic understanding of Java
  • Know English at upper-intermediate level and above (we’ll communicate in English)

Bring a laptop to participate in the workshop. Install IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, Java 17, and Git on your device in advance.

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