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How to Build Sustainable Applications for a Greener Future

Explore the significance of sustainable app development and uncover the best practices that benefit the environment while enhancing the overall user experience.

June 3, 2024

NIX May Party: Establish the Spaceship β€” a Cosmic Family Adventure!

NIX May Party is our cherished tradition when we gather with our families and enjoy a beautiful day together. Read how it went this year.

June 1, 2024

Get Groovy, NIXs! Our Acoustic Night was a total blast

Yo, IT crew, did someone say rewind? Because NIXs time-traveled back to the days of dial-up and butterfly clips at our Acoustic Night! It was a night of pure nostalgia, with 90s and 00s hits, decor that screamed “As If!”, and enough Spice Girl energy to make us all wanna...

April 29, 2024

Board Game Night

Guess what’s become the new tradition at NIX? You got it β€” our beloved Board Game Nights in the office 🎲. Whether building empires in Catan or exploring new planets in Terraforming Mars, we enjoy every minute spent around the same table 😌 How does it all go? Check out...

April 3, 2024

Git Explained: Tips That Will Simplify the Work of a Beginner Developer

Discover the power of Git in our article and learn how Git can streamline your workflow and how to avoid beginner pitfalls.

March 12, 2024

NIX Women’s Day: A Tradition of Appreciation and Respect

The annual NIX Women's Day celebration is a cherished tradition that serves as a heartfelt thank you and an inspiring tribute to the remarkable women in the team.

March 8, 2024