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Learning Format

The course is conducted in English and takes 3 months to complete. The course is conducted in a hybrid format. Lectures are held online, and each student receives homework to put the theory into practice. Regular meetings with mentors are held at the NIX office. In the format of face-to-face consultations, you can discuss any issues with a specialist—either during assignments or about the course in general. To achieve good results, we recommend spending about 8 hours a day studying.

NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training.


  • How to create and manage a Git repository and run commands to work with code versions
  • How to create and deploy Docker containers for applications
  • How to write SQL queries to work with databases 
  • How to program in Python and write scripts for data processing and analysis
  • How to set up streaming data processing using Apache Kafka and send and receive messages in the test system
  • How to create and configure Airflow dags to automate complex data processing operations
  • How to use applications to process data in cloud services and create more complex systems


Students will learn the basic tools and technologies used for data analysis. The program is focused on the practical use of the acquired knowledge. Students will complete tasks individually with the support of their mentor. This will help you start confidently developing data analytics applications—in particular, complex systems for working with Big Data.

What we expect from you

  • Intermediate level or higher level of English
  • Fluency in computer terminology
  • Ability to program in at least one popular language
  • Understanding of the basic principles of databases
  • Basic knowledge of version control systems

Learning system details

A very intensive training program is waiting for you. First of all, it includes theoretical classes. The lecturers are the experienced NIX specialists who will talk about the basic concepts, approaches, and tools in the work of a Data Engineer. The lectures are held online and sometimes offline at the NIX office. Classes are followed by practical assignments for self-paced learning. Teachers also provide additional useful materials. If students have any questions during the course, they can contact their mentor individually. When completing homework, students must demonstrate the ability to apply the technologies they have learned in practice. While completing the tasks, students will write code, create documentation, analyze data, etc. All tasks are individualized, and their results show their level of learning. At the end of each module, students take a test on a specific topic.

What to do next
Celebrate the successful completion of the courses and establish yourself in the proud title of Junior Data Engineer by becoming part of the NIX team.

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