Golang + JS FullStack Course

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Learning Format

Offline. The program takes 4 months. Training sessions are 4 hours long and take place 3 times a week in our office. Language of study: English.

NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training.


  • Use your Golang and JavaScript knowledge
  • Understand the key principles of HTML/CSS
  • Work in Linux environments
  • Use the Git version control system
  • Install and configure web servers
  • Work with databases
  • Develop SPA on VueJS framework


This course was created by experienced Golang developers from NIX. The program takes into account modern technologies and is aimed at developing practical skills. Students are introduced to the basics of Golang and JavaScript. This knowledge is enough to start working on the back end and front end. Practical tasks will allow you to better understand the operation of web applications and the principles of creating individual microservices. This will allow students to become full stack specialists in the future. After successfully completing the training, everyone can test their skills at an interview with the NIX team. Working as a Junior Golang Developer, you can join projects in FinTech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Web3, and other areas.

What we expect from you

  • Theory of the internet: what it consists of, how information is exchanged on the network, how HTTP works
  • Understanding of any DBMS
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and database normalization principles
  • Understanding the Golang concurrency model
  • Basic knowledge of HTML markup: basic tags, page structure
  • Understanding of how any version control system works

Learning system details

The program is divided into subject modules. Each of them contains lectures and practical exercises. Practice is essentially step-by-step development of an educational project. At the end of the course, students present their work in the form of a demo. During training, everyone will receive feedback from a mentor. Constant communication with the expert will help improve work results step-by-step. Students will also work in teams to develop their communication skills, as this is also an important skill of a modern IT specialist.

What to do next
Celebrate the successful completion of the courses and establish yourself in the proud title of Junior Developer by becoming part of the NIX team.

But to begin with, join the study