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Learning Format

Offline. The program completion takes 3 months and consists of two sections: Java Core — lectures twice a week; Java Frameworks — a lecture once a week in our office. Language of study: English.

NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training.

During the Java course, you’ll learn

  • to understand the coding standards and the principles of object-oriented programming;
  • to deploy and configure the Git version control system;
  • to work in the Apache Maven framework;
  • to use basic types such as String and Date;
  • to properly work with Exceptions, as well as with the main interfaces of Collections and their implementations;
  • to work with Generics templates and Streams & Optional components;
  • to employ multithreading of Java applications;
  • to use the IO/NIO input and output principles;
  • to work with Reflection and Serialization mechanisms;
  • to run and track application logging;
  • to write unit tests according to the standards of BDD and Mock objects;
  • to understand the fundamentals of SQL, the principle of operation of database management systems and of applications interacting with them;
  • to deploy apps using Docker;
  • to configure servlets based on JSP technology;
  • to work with the JPA specification and the Hibernate library;
  • to use the Spring framework;
  • to integrate REST web services into applications.

Program of the Java training

The program is designed for those who have basic knowledge of Java. The training format will help you get a deeper insight of the subject and provide an opportunity to apply the acquired skills in practice. As a result, each student will be able to better understand how to create full-fledged Java applications.

What do we expect from you

  • English at the intermediate or advanced level;
  • fluency in computer terminology;
  • understanding of Boolean algebra and set theory concepts;
  • basic knowledge of object-oriented programming;
  • basic knowledge of Java and of the development environment (compilation, start, configuring);
  • understanding of HTTP, HTML/CSS.

Learning system details

The authors of the program focused on tasks using Java SE and Java EE utilities and tools. A personal mentor will check the results of independent work, point out shortcomings to the student and will help to find a solution.

What to do next
Celebrate the successful completion of the courses and establish yourself in the proud title of Junior Developer by becoming part of the NIX team.

But to begin with, join the study