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JavaScript Course

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Learning Format

Offline. The program completion takes 4 months. Training sessions are 3 hours long and take place 3 times a week in our office. Language of study: English.

NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training.

During the JavaScript course, you’ll learn

  • to use the Linux operating system and its command line;
  • to work with Git (with repositories, commit, branches, etc.);
  • to understand such concepts of JavaScript operation as “this”, closing, asynchrony, etc.;
  • to use HTML / CSS;
  • to use React to create different types of projects;
  • to combine TypeScript with React-applications;
  • to read developer documentation and debug the software.

Program of the JavaScript training

The program is based on learning the basic tools of a JavaScript developer. During the training course, you will learn how JavaScript works “under the hood” in the browser; review popular libraries and frameworks. You’ll also learn how to combine JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to customize the design for different browsers and gadgets. knowledge gained will help you better understand the tasks of afront-end developer and create a simple web application “from scratch”.

What do we expect from you

  • English at the Intermediate or Advanced level;
  • knowledge of HTML syntax, document structure and tags;
  • basic knowledge of CSS: positioning styles, color, etc.;
  • understanding of JavaScript syntax and principles of object-oriented programming;
  • knowledge of the main components of the Internet and the features of information exchange on the network.

Learning system details

The course program is divided into thematic modules. Each of them includes theoretical and practical sections. Practical work is arranged in the form of workshops to solidify new knowledge. After each practice session is completed, students receives feedback from personal mentors. The expert will point out the mistakes and suggest ways to correct them. This approach allows faster development of the skills which a front-end developer needs.

What to do next
Celebrate the successful completion of the courses and establish yourself in the proud title of Junior Developer by becoming part of the NIX team.

But to begin with, join the study