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Data Scientist Course
Start of course: June

Hybrid. The duration of the program is 4 months. You will study for 2 hours a day, 2 times a week. Classes will be held in our office. Language of the training: English


NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training

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Format: Hybrid Duration: 4 months
Front-end Basics Сourse
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Hybrid. The duration of the program depends of yours basics knowledge and commitment. It is combination of online theory and practice with offline classes. Full mentor support is available. Language of the training: English


NIX courses are an opportunity to become part of our team

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Intensive Quality Assurance Course
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Offline. The duration of the program is up to 1 month. You will study 8 hours a day, or 40 productive hours a week. Venue – our office. Language of the training: English


NIX courses are an opportunity to join our team immediately after training

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Format: Offline Duration: 1 month
Business Analysis Course Level 1 (Beginner)
Start of course: July

Hybrid. In general, the training lasts 5 weeks. Each week you’ll have 8 hours of a self-study material, adding up to 40 hours over 5 weeks. Language of the training: English


NIX courses are an opportunity to become part of our team

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Format: Hybrid Duration: 5 weeks

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Python developer is responsible for designing, building, and supporting web applications and services, desktop applications, and serverless solutions

The training covers all main topics valuable for Python engineers: everything from GIT usage to building WEB applications. Carefully chosen materials multiplied by the experience of our tech experts result in the resilient basement for becoming a part of the Python community

Format Offline
Language English, B2
Course duration 3 months
Lesson duration 4 hours
Training Schedule 3 lessons a week

Skills gained throughout the course

Hard Skills

Git basics
Algorithms & Data Structures
Work with Docke
Web development in Python
The main principles of work in the Linux environment
HTTP and client-server communication
All necessary aspects of working with the Python 3.x language
Design of relational databases in the process of full-fledged work with them
Create a project using a web framework
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Educational program

#Lecture #Practice
Linux & Bash
#Lecture #Practice
Python Core
#Lecture #Practice
Setup, code style, and environment
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
SOLID & Patterns
#Lecture #Practice
Iterators, generators, and list comprehension
#Lecture #Practice
Logging, context manager, exceptions
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
Algorithms & Data Structures
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
Database basic
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
WEB Client-Server
#Lecture #Practice
JavaScript & jQuery
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
#Lecture #Practice
Flask and final project
#Lecture #Practice
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Our expert team guarantees tangible outcomes and advancement in your professional journey

Our mentors consist of practicing managers boasting extensive years of practical experience. They will pass on their experience and knowledge to you during the months of training

#Security #Highload systems #SRE #IoT #Micro frontends #Web 3.0 #Cloud engineering

What we expect from you

  • Sufficient English (Upper-intermediate (B2) and higher)

  • Higher or incomplete higher education in the field of IT or a related field

  • Basic Python knowledge

  • Understanding the basic principles of OOP

  • Basic knowledge of any version control system

  • Understanding of DBMS (any), basic knowledge of SQL, and principles of database normalization

Your course recruitment path: steps to success

1 Sign up for a Python Course
2 Undertake technical skills test
3 Have an interview with our team
4 Start training and continue NIX career

NIX is a well-known provider of IT outsourcing software and services

Our team cooperates with many countries and significantly contributes to developing the international IT market. In addition, we actively promote our business and improve our skills. Our specialists have successfully developed the latest projects, from e-commerce to cloud technologies, for the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies

Internet Services and Software
Finance and Banking

Working with NIX, you will get

Everything for comfortable work

Personal and professional development

Mentoring support

The team approach to project implementation

Developing your expertise

Informal corporate culture

Answering important questions

  • Why are your courses free of charge?

    It allows those looking to leap into an IT career to gain the necessary knowledge and get employment at NIX

  • Will I find a job with the skills I got from your course?

    Yes, with the help of our courses, you will learn how to present your qualifications throughout all stages of selection to NIX, properly prepare for an interview, and secure your ideal position in working with us. Additionally, you will have enough skills to apply to other IT companies

  • Will you have a vacancy for me after the course?

    After successful completion of our courses, you will have the opportunity to join our team immediately after training

  • Are your courses fully offline?

    Most of our courses are indeed delivered offline and are located in Budapest, Hungary. Our in-person learning model allows us to provide a more hands-on, interactive learning experience. In a physical classroom setting, any doubts or questions can be immediately addressed by our instructors. Moreover, it is also an excellent networking opportunity to connect with industry professionals and fellow learners who might become future colleagues or collaborators

  • What English level is required?

    The required English proficiency for our courses is Upper-Intermediate (B2 level) and above. This ensures effective participation and comprehension of course materials

  • If I don’t have the expected skills, can I start training?

    Nobody is perfect. If you have some of the expected skills, you can still apply for the course. You will lose nothing even if your application is declined. We always provide our applicants with feedback, so you will know what to improve to be successful next time. If you do not have any of the listed skills, use those requirements as a personal development plan

  • What is the structure of the learning process?

    After each lecture, students receive an assignment that they work on independently with the support of a mentor